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Poem #5

Drinking with Albert Goldbarth at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

When Lisa says Schadenfreude in the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company,

the world does not come to an end, though it shudders a little.

She is sure she will be forgotten, that she slips from the minds of famous

poets the way knowledge dissolved in the mind of Forrest Gump.

This, I know, is not the case. Because who could forget this?

I think, but do not say, that I hated the movie Forrest Gump, hate

the way knowledge becomes a villain, how simplicity candies everything.

I can’t say it here and so I sip my pretty good margarita, eat corn chips

and imagine updating my Facebook status to say “drinking with Albert

Goldbarth” because my Facebook friends know who he is, and even if

they don’t, I do. I can’t believe I passed up the opportunity to quote his

own poetry to him (“the painting beneath the painting”) and then mention

how I used it in one of my essays that was actually published. But I let

the occasion pass and when I say, for some reason, “drinking with writers”

he claims it as a title of his own. In fact, I know that Albert Goldbarth

is already writing a poem about drinking at the most estimable Bubba Gump

Shrimp Company, about how it is as bad as you imagine, except the great part,

when Lisa, a poet, knows the answers to the trivia questions. He probably includes

an outrageous description of the movie-themed décor, and the forced trivia quiz,

that we try to avoid, but cannot. The waitress presses the questions on us.  Even though I have

only seen the movie once, I know some of the answers, but I keep my mouth shut.

If Albert Goldbarth is going to forget me, I want it to be because I am utterly forgettable,

because I do not harass him, or beg him to remember me, because I say nothing

memorable. If he is going to remember me, I do not want it to be because I know something

I should not know. Oh, Albert Goldbarth, I know your poem is better than mine, yours

is done, but mine has you in it, and me and Lisa and Schadenfreude.

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