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in order to understand something, you have to be one with that something

–thich nhat hanh


a woman buys a man dinner

in her essay, at least

just now she sits between

two classmates, swinging her legs

she closely observed another human

in his loneliness and she sat with him

from across the room


we sit together

we are one with loneliness

one with compassion

we understand this idea


a man shares his appreciation

that his mother offers him a comfortable chair

another man buys a classmate donuts

because he does not know

how to fix sorrow

the third writes a letter

to conjure forgiveness from air


a woman watches her life

collapse like a human pyramid

one woman talks about her father’s death

while another woman weeps


how to explain the way a grief

so specific and sharp

ghosts through the room


the teacher instructs us

to send our compassion

waves and waves

into the heart of others


driving back in my car

I feel the compassion

of strangers

in solitude

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