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conveys meaning

longing isolation hurt

each leap describes the heart’s joy

in the silence, a beat

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(didn’t I say it probably wouldn’t be a poem? My students had to write a prose poem today, so here’s this!)


She wanted to spin, be spun out, her skirt flaring like indecency. She wanted the eyes to see her there, only her, not as if she were just one of many. Her problem was escaping the house, the day, the hour, the explaining. She had the money in her pocket, ones rolled up in little straws, their edges pressing into her thigh. It was easy enough. Down the back stairs while Mom was in the living room reciting times tables with the twins, Dad flat out on the couch like a bear. Sandy on the phone, brothers in the front yard with Frisbees. When the door clicked behind her it was like the world was her prison. She could go back. She would. The gym shone and smelled of old sweat. Raylene was there and they held hands like kindergarteners. When the music started and the teacher showed them the steps, one followed by two and three, then four. When the teacher’s  poodle skirt flared in a way that Mom would disapprove of, she felt her heart lift in her chest like a rocket. Even the mixed couples around them could not tether her. She knew there would be trouble.

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