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what we bought

My love went to the store and brought back Pop Tarts: irresistible,
especially when things seem anxious or off or especially collapsible.

Two boxes, eight silver packets with two Pop Tarts in each:
since I was a child, I could never resist such a tidy comestible,

white icing, rainbow crystals, jam getting hot in the toaster.
I could be disciplined, but I eat them by the fists full.

I just bought a coat and a purse on eBay–not just pastries, then,
I crave: linen and leather and jam are equally fungible.

I’d be better off on a long walk, a prophylactic to stave
off the dread, the nerves, moods so predictably lapsable;

or asleep, where whatever disquiet can be metaphorical:
I’ll dream of colored sugar, of icing, Pop Tarts delivered by dirigible.

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