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When I rinse a jar, I think of her

When I hear the word penuche

When my mother says “I’m just going

to doctor this up,” my grandmother

becomes present

When I make a German’s Chocolate

cake for my son and I can see

her handwriting in the recipe

I’ve scrawled from her

When I fail to make the perfect

pie crust, because no one can

crimp like her

When I receive mail addressed

to my husband, but with a Mrs.

in front of his name, I know

my grandmother approves

When I bowl or when I think

of bowling, I remember Grandma

and Grandpa with their bowling bags

and their league

When I see a Chihuahua or smell

the scent of Phoenix after the rain

I think of Grandma and remember

how she painted the outside of her

house with a two-inch brush

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