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You went to school in what passed for the inner city with the black kids, and Mexicans and maybe a few Greeks. But you were kids and you chased each other across the dangerous blacktop. The slides were hot metal and the monkey bars seemed to be made from old pipes. Often a child fell from the metal dome or from a ladder. You cried and you laughed. This is where you made best friends. This is where a boy wanted to hold your hand, sweaty from square dancing, and later you cried. Not everything made sense the way that math added up to 10, for ten fingers. The building was old and sometimes, during lunch, you answered the phone in the office.


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Idaho (poem 22)

Idaho Prose Poem

            From the State Sonnet Series


Idaho, Gem

State, though

what is meant by

“gem”? I always think

of Opals.  Are opals found in Idaho?

 Known for potatoes, I think of alfalfa,

  the scent of water laying all night in fertile,

green ditches. I think of all the golf courses covered

in grass, the silver heads of sprinklers turning in the

heavy humid dusk. Nights around the fire with dust

on our shoes. The way we lied while we smiled. My

Own Private Idaho. Washed away, the way mountains

and memories erode. Idaho, you taste of pepper-

mint schnapps and clove cigarettes. All sins.




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