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I Don’t Know

I don’t know the distance to the Moon or the circumference

of the Earth. I don’t know the infinite digits of Pi or how

to surf or what day I will die. I haven’t memorized the

works of William Shakespeare or tried to understand

Derrida, nor have I read that poem to which you

are always referring. I don’t know why I sometimes

scream and other times I cry. I don’t know

anything about how Minneapolis was founded nor

do I know where the closest lake is, though I trust

it is there. I don’t know when the next train

to Chicago leaves or if I will ever again write

a single compelling word. In fact, I don’t know

anything. I trust the rain will fall down, tomorrow,

but I hope it won’t.  I believe in the righteous

goodness of coffee, and the simple fact

of the sun, I believe in the distance between

celestial bodies, though I don’t know

what it is.

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