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Dear whoever is reading this at an indeterminate time in the future,

The past is not as distant as you might think. If you row your tiny craft a little further and just over the far wave, it is there. Fragile as a blown glass skeleton with shark’s teeth and a raccoon claws, the past is waiting to buoy you up and then gnaw your face off.

In the past that’s what would be called exaggeration, but in the future, you know such language is passé. There is no way to exaggerate now, the present being what it is: in your face like a blow dryer. Please forgive me these metaphors, I am adrift on the perils of my mind which are triangular and dry. Only the intercession of dolphins and squid might assist me.

Let me now tell you the secrets of my skin: at midnight, adrift on the ocean, the moon is as far away as it ever was. It is as far away as I am from you. Do you understand? When people say that distance is relative, they imagine two fixed points in a fixed system. What I pose to you now is to understand chaos in relation to another chaos. Two starfish caught in two different storms.

I will say it another way: I will never be as far from you as I am today, nor as far from myself. I will continue to cast about for ways to reach you. No doubt my language is as illegible to you as you yourself are to me. Your face is a distant galaxy, luminous and calm, fiery and glacial, in motion and still.

Do not look for me, for no doubt by your inscrutable now I am nothing more than one more escaped atom of oxygen, lost in the universe, looking for home. 

(From NPR)

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