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Poem for the Boomerang

You don’t always come back.

Sometimes you fall where I’ve thrown you

as if to say, this. This is far enough.

You won’t arc as you should, though

my technique, of course, is perfect.  How

can I fail? On this day of rebirth, the sun

finally shines and the boys shout as if the world

contains their echo. The grass field is wide enough

and empty, Boomerang. They throw you, again, and again,

seeking, if not perfection, then just one smooth arc

that returns you, inexplicably, to their hands.

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Hi everyone! We’re using this blog to support our poem a day in April project. We hope you will post some of your poems, comment on others’ poems, encourage others to write a poem a day, complain about how hard it is, and celebrate when we are done.

If you have writer’s block, check here for assignments (stolen from elsewhere, no doubt).

Here’s an assignment for April 1: An ode to your favorite food. See Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market by Neruda. I also like Ode to Salt and Ode to My Socks. (but socks are not a food!)

Thanks for joining us. And good luck!

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