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One of them says, “Where is that part

of the wooden flat surface that is most

vulnerable to marring and penetration?

Where is the word that indicates such

gentle kindness and is also a pun

meaning the one who mixes the cocktails?”

The other says, “Can I get a Campari

and soda?” The other one says, “Who

wants a shot of pickle brine?” The first

one says, “Why would you put olive

oil in a cocktail?” The first one says

“I’m drinking a drink named for my

people.” The first one says, “You want

the purple door.” The other one says,

“The stairs next to the plaque.” The first

one says, “Let them eat toast!” The second

one whispers, “Parsnips baked with brick.”

The toast is served. All joking ceases.

Seeds are toasted. Applause.

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