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The Ampersand

you join, one to another,

and per se and

a sign, signifying nothing

merely joining, co-joining

conjunction: to join with

the place where two trains meet

two trains carrying tricksters who

once joined, attempt to con you

out of money, time or sense

and per se and

per se being by itself, alone

without an & in sight

I am not alone, per se,

I am merely without

a partner to con, to join to



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Consider the Leech

Consider the leech, either with a jaw,

or not. It’s just like an earthworm, except

the leech feeds on blood. No big deal. I saw

my friend peel one from her skin as she wept.

After that, I wouldn’t swim in the lake. She

didn’t seem to mind, her skin weeping blood,

our ideas shifted a few degrees

to the East. I thought of the flood.

Why did Noah bring the leeches? Did he

believe the world needed parasites?

We don’t, though even doctors once believed

in their healing properties. We must fight

the belief that giving too much is good.

The urge to take and take is in our blood.

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It’s not like I don’t understand. I do.

Drop your kid off, get to work on time.

You are in a hurry. I am too.

But you drive as if safety were a crime.


Drop your kid off, get to work on time.

He needs to be there before the tardy bell.

Do you believe that safety is a crime?

You drive like a soccer Mom out of hell.


He’ll be marked late after the tardy bell.

There are worse things, like famine, war, and death.

You think you have the right to drive like hell.

I take deep breaths, try not to get upset.


Worse than your driving are famine, war and death.

You are in a hurry. I am too.

Take a deep breath, try not to get upset.

It’s not like I don’t understand. I do.

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