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Alone in a world that so cold

But when I woke up this morning

Coulda sworn it was Judgement Day

Dream if you can a courtyard

Electric word life it means

Forever and that’s a mighty long time

Girls and Boys

He died without knowing forgiveness

Instead of asking how much of your time is left

Joy– oh my private joy–


Life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last

Maybe I’ll die young like heroes die

Now tell me what you’re gonna do

Once up a time

Paisley Park is in your heart

Questions in my life will be answered

Round and round

Sometimes it snows in April

Tell me baby where did I go wrong

U will see my point of

View– even if I have to scream

Why should you wait any longer

seX seX

You say “what have I have got to lose?”

go craZy

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