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There’s the modern rhyme of Nabakov

which the Police have paired with cough–

as in “he starts to shake and cough”–

Sting was a teacher, hence Nabakov.

We maybe should have started out with you,

which lovers and singers rhyme with blue.

These lovers are gone and also never true,

which gives the writers lots to rhyme with you.

The best rhymes, my poetry teacher said,

were in Don Juan, which we then promptly read.

We recited rhymes to hear what Byron said,

our lack of rhyming prowess conjured dread.

Byron called us ladies intellectual,

a backhanded rhyme with hen pecked you all.


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In order to keep up with the poem a day grind, it is sometimes necessary to write a limerick. It just IS! (warning: swears!)


The once was a girl quite unlucky

But the hardship had made her quite plucky.

She always came around

After life knocked her down

Her motto was “I don’t give a fucky!”

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