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Open on my gray couch and there I am: sitting. I hold my head in my hands in a poetic way (meaning: shadowy)(meaning: my eyes are full of thought) and I sit. The camera sees me from above and in this way sees everything (meaning: my face displays my faults like jewels). My life swirls around me in the form of a child, a dog, a spouse. Montage: me with each of them. In all of the shots, at least one of us smiles. Quick cut to: exterior day. I’m running. Quick cut to: interior night. My head on the pillow. The camera sees the thoughts in my head, the deep, known circuit they run from worry to obsession and back, a quick lap. Now the camera is inside me, is my eyes and sees what I see: how the suffering of aliveness pulses like a missing limb, how the air thickens with regret and hope, how when you see through my eyes you might as well be me. Fade to black.

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