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Are you hot, like noon on the Fourth of July?

Yes, but less harsh, and you don’t make me sweat as much.

A lot of times it gets really breezy in May,

And even though summer is hot, we want it to last longer?

Other times, summer is just way too hot, like

When the sun shine directly on us and we get sunburned?

And even though others are hot now, they might not be so hot

later, because of age, or wrinkles, or maybe some kind of accident?

But your hotness is not going to get milder, 

The way really hot salsa does after you drink a beer.

And you are not going to die like an exploded star

Not when I’m trying so hard to use words to describe your heat

               Because as long as we have oxygen and people can read

               There will be this poem and you and your hotness in it.





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