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April Fool

Perhaps there is a spaceship where astronauts

grow tomato plants in zero gravity.  Perhaps there is a zip code

where anyone can live, their mail circulating in some imagined zone.

Perhaps instead of a tax refund, I am buying you an air conditioner

or a refrigerator or those teal shoes that you love.

I am leaving them on your front porch, surreptitiously,

for you to find.


Perhaps I am pouring water on you to wake you from sleep,

only it’s a pitcher full of shredded newspaper,

confetti of the displaced, the forlorn,

the slightly out of date.


Perhaps I am beckoning you near with only a whisper,

trying to dump water, soapy and warm,

down the front of your blouse, rendering you rain-

soaked, stained and foolish.


Or maybe I am a lie, a single red tulip,

planted years ago in a patch of dirt beside the house

that bursts forth unexpectedly every year this day.


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