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to fast: v.

to go without, to postpone, to defer,

she fasted that she might be furthered

to hasten, to proceed quickly, to heighten,

she fasted that she might arrive

to increase, to displace, to prolong

she fasted that she might want

to hunger, to yearn, to need,

she fasted that she might desire

to bind, to fetter, to fix,

she fasted herself that she might persist

to worship, to mortify, to meditate

she fasted that she might be pure

to elevate, to seek, to pursue

she fasted that she might find

to arrive, to discover, to escape

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Monday (poem 7)



Small dogs blow down the street like leaves,

their small heads bobbing. The children shine

on their way to school, sails adrift amidst blacktop


and metal. I read them the way mystics

read tea leaves. The signs all portend

spring. Observe: the tulips yearn toward


blossomed branches, which wag and ripple in the wind.

The mountains dance on the horizon, festooned

with snow and ribbons of grass. I want to sing


my sorrows like an ode: Oh, Spring,

you are too much with me, late and soon,

your sunshine dogs my day, the long beams


lapping at my  legs; you run recklessly

over my desire to gripe and moan.

Oh Spring, you successfully seduce me. 


(for this poem, I came up with a list of verbs and then I just chose a form)

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